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Top Three Reasons People May Seek a Divorce in Illinois

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The divorce rate is currently at its lowest in 40 years, and this decrease in divorces is widely attributed to younger generations delaying marriage. In fact, 15- to 24-year-olds have contributed the most to this average decrease, with a 43 percent drop in divorce rates for this age group. As societal norms change, younger people are waiting longer to get married. A lot of couples choose to live together for a number of years before entering into a legal union. Although the overall percentage of divorces has decreased recently, many couples still choose to end their marriage after careful consideration. 

Issues That Can Destroy a Marriage

Most couples do not enter into marriage expecting to get divorced. However, it can happen due to various factors that cause the breakdown of the relationship, such as:  

  • Infidelity: For some, cheating is considered the ultimate betrayal of a partner’s trust and loyalty. Infidelity can be enough for a person to want a divorce, but it is also a sign that there may be underlying problems within the union. If a person decides to remain married and work on the relationship, there is no guarantee that their partner will not commit adultery again or that they even wish to remain committed to the marriage. 
  • Money problems: Financial concerns can be one of the most stressful issues a married couple can face. Debt can come from many sources, and it can tear a couple apart. One benefit of delaying marriage is learning how a partner treats and spends money. If one partner is a big spender who lives outside his or her means, while the other person is more conservative with money, that can result in major arguments down the line. 
  • Different expectations: It is easy to imagine the “perfect” marriage. However, the idea of perfection is subjective, and people sometimes find this out after getting married. In many cases, one spouse may want to settle down and have children right away, while the other spouse may never want to have children. When two partners get married without discussing their expectations for the marriage, one person often ends up settling. This can lead to an unhappy marriage, since one partner feels resentful for giving in to the other and possibly giving up on his or her dreams. 

Contact a Schaumburg Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer

Regardless of the reasons why people get divorced, it is often in the best interest of both parties and any children, especially if the couple has exhausted any alternatives, such as counseling or therapy. If you are contemplating a divorce, you may feel intimidated by the complex legal issues and unsure about where to start. The knowledgeable legal team at Anderson and Associates, P.C. can answer all your questions about the Illinois divorce process and provide you with representation, working to reach a positive outcome that will allow you to move on to the next phase of your life successfully. Contact our experienced Rolling Meadows divorce attorneys today at 847-995-9999 to schedule a free consultation.






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