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Tips for Spending the Holidays as a Divorced Family

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Many people celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with different festivities. Children especially look forward to the holiday season for many reasons. After a divorce, there can be uncertainty about how winter holidays will be orchestrated for both children and parents. This can be resolved with a set schedule for parenting time. It is important to remember that every family is different, and it is still possible to enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate after a divorce. How and when you observe them might change, but the sentiment of togetherness can remain the same. 

How Many Families Go Through Divorce?

Statistics show that half of all children in the United States will experience their parents getting a divorce. Half of those children will experience a second divorce, and 10 percent of all children who have seen one divorce will go through three or more. A divorce can have a significant impact on children, regardless of their age. These feelings may be exacerbated during important times in their lives like family holidays and birthdays. Although a parenting plan will create the logistics of how holidays will be spent as a divorced family, there are emotional aspects that may take years to figure out. The following tips will help you, your ex, and your kids spend a pleasant holiday as a divorced family. 

Communication Is Key

Before a divorce is finalized, a parenting plan will be constructed. When creating this document with your spouse, be as detailed as possible and communicate your expectations. This will make planning closer to the holidays easier for everyone, since it puts a timeline in writing.

While it is great if divorced parents can be friends and spend the holidays together, that may not be a realistic expectation. Building a new relationship with your ex-spouse after your divorce will take time. If getting to that point is your goal, gaining trust and remaining civil with your ex can help you and your family get there. It is important to remember that you both have the same goal of caring for your children, and any hostility is not in their best interests. The holiday season should be about them celebrating with both of you, even if it is at different times. 

If you and your ex-spouse enjoy holiday times with your children separately, then it is essential to communicate effectively with the other parent. Discuss things like schedules or any gifts you are considering buying. If this is your kids’ first holiday season with divorced parents, the more seamless the exchanges are, the easier it will be for them to cope. However, do not beat yourself up if things are not perfect. Your children will appreciate any effort, and everyone will understand that an adjustment period will be necessary until you can settle into your new routines and traditions.  

Contact a Rolling Meadows Divorce Lawyer

During the season of giving, allow yourself the time to speak to a legal professional about your rights in an Illinois divorce. If you need help changing an existing parenting plan, or if you are concerned about how your relationship with your children will change after divorce, you will want to contact an accomplished Palatine parenting time attorney as soon as possible. At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we can put our legal experience and knowledge of divorce laws to work for you to help you achieve a favorable outcome to your case. Call our office today at 847-995-9999 to schedule your free consultation.






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