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Arlington Heights Divorce Attorney

Child custody, known as the allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois, is one of the more complicated aspects of a divorce. Despite your opinion and feelings about your ex-spouse, you both still have the common ground of loving your children together. No one wants to feel like their children are taken away, or that they are being purposely kept from them. With the right parenting plan, you can create a schedule that benefits everyone. 

In recent years, Illinois has implemented changes to family law procedures regarding divorce and children. Along with the change from child custody to the allocation of parental responsibilities, the terms “sole” and “joint” custody are no longer used. Visitation is also an outdated term, and parenting time is now used in its place. 


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Palatine Divorce Lawyer

Often when people fall in love, they get married to show their commitment to their partner. It is a significant gesture and an even bigger step in a relationship. A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, so after a divorce, it may feel hard to love and accept yourself.

There is no right or wrong way to feel during or after a divorce. Everyone has different experiences depending on the length of the marriage and if children are involved. In some cases, a divorce may be the best thing for everyone, although it may not feel that way at the time.


Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer

Your adolescent child may be closer to being an adult than an infant, but your son or daughter is at a transitional time in their life when it comes to emotions and self-esteem. Teenagers may appear adjusted to the idea of their parents getting a divorce, but they often take it harder than younger siblings. 

The World Health Organization classifies an adolescent as someone between the ages of 10 and 19. There are many things a child in that age frame can worry about, from acne to getting into the right college. The pressure to do well in school, maintain a social life, and participate in extracurricular activities can be overwhelming. On top of that, from puberty onward, there are physical and emotional changes that have a significant impact on a teenager’s life. 


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Schaumburg Divorce Lawyers

The topic of divorce is difficult for many couples. The relationship may have become one-sided or perhaps both spouses are unhappy. The best way to convey these feelings is to communicate about the status of your relationship, but that often does not occur until it is too late to save a marriage.

Many spouses first learn of their partner’s intention to divorce them when they are told they have already filed a Petition for a Dissolution of Marriage. This is the first step in the divorce process and your spouse is required by law to alert you that a petition has been filed with the court. Official notification by legal notice is typically mailed or delivered by a process server. In the event you cannot be located, a notice is posted in a newspaper of general circulation in your area. 


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Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

With the new year on the way, people always look for ways to improve themselves for the upcoming calendar year. Some may choose to eat better, work out more, or pick up a new hobby.

After a divorce, it often takes some time to adjust and get used to no longer being with your spouse, especially if the marriage lasted for many years, but the new year brings a fresh opportunity to reinvent yourself. You can do this at any time after the divorce, but with millions of other Americans setting goals to better themselves, you might feel inspired. If you have friends who set resolutions as well, it can be helpful to have them as your support network.


Posted on in Divorce

divorce process, Schaumburg divorce lawyers, divorce expectations, divorce and communication, divorce and financesThe major life changes that accompany the end of a marriage can be overwhelming, even in the most amicable breakups. Whether you have made the mutual decision to move on from a relationship that is no longer working or have been unexpectedly served with divorce papers, you are likely not fully prepared for the upheaval that divorce will bring to your life. But while divorce can be stressful and full of complicated emotions, you can complete the process more efficiently and effectively by taking the following steps:

  1. Manage your expectations - Your divorce will require some major changes to nearly every aspect of your life, from your finances, to your living situation, to your relationship with family and friends. When you are realistic about what you expect your post-divorce life to look like, you can then set goals for what you want to accomplish and work toward them throughout the divorce process.

  1. Be honest - Divorce is a personal process, and it can require people to “air dirty laundry” in a public forum, which can be embarrassing. However, trying to hide information from an attorney or judge can have consequences, especially if you are trying to conceal income or assets that you do not think you should have to share with your ex-spouse. Being as open and honest as possible will ensure that fair decisions are made during your divorce.

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