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Signs Your Teenage Daughter Is Struggling With Your Divorce

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Did you know married couples with teenage daughters are more likely to get divorced than those without? Still, it is much more than the occasional screams and door slams from a teenage girl that leads to a divorce.

Both male and female teens go through dramatic changes during those years, and divorce can turn things even more traumatic. This change may pile up on everything else they are feeling. 

Here are signs to look for that your teenage daughter is struggling with your divorce:

Low Self-Esteem 

Teenage girls in general have a reputation for having low self-esteem, but it may not stem from body image or bullying. During a divorce, they may put the blame on themselves for the split, which can add significant stress and pressure. This often transforms into behavior opposite of what one would think a person with low self-esteem would have, such as excessive bragging, doing or saying dramatic things, or bullying others. More obvious signs include avoiding common social situations, eye contact, and communication. 


Teenage depression can come across differently than in adults. Chronic sadness is often associated with depression, but in teenagers, signs of depression can include anger, sensitivity, physical aches, and withdrawal. It is important to recognize these signs in your daughter during a divorce so she can get help, as untreated depression can turn into violent or deadly actions toward themselves. Therapy is a great way for children to speak about their feelings to a third party, without judgment from their parents. 

School Trouble

Going to school every day can be one of the few consistent things in a child’s life. Your daughter’s sudden lack of academic achievement may be a red flag that she is not handling things well internally. Another sign your child is struggling with your divorce is frequent lack of sleep. Being tired all of the time makes it hard to pay attention during class, which can lead to missing important material. Perhaps she has shown less interest in classes that normally excite her, and her report card reflects the change. 

No matter what relationship you have with your teenage daughter, it is important to let them know you are there to listen to their concerns. Talking things out may put her at ease, or help her mentally adjust to the change of divorce.

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