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Post-Divorce New Year's Resolutions

Posted on in Divorce

Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

With the new year on the way, people always look for ways to improve themselves for the upcoming calendar year. Some may choose to eat better, work out more, or pick up a new hobby.

After a divorce, it often takes some time to adjust and get used to no longer being with your spouse, especially if the marriage lasted for many years, but the new year brings a fresh opportunity to reinvent yourself. You can do this at any time after the divorce, but with millions of other Americans setting goals to better themselves, you might feel inspired. If you have friends who set resolutions as well, it can be helpful to have them as your support network.

Here are some post-divorce Near Year’s resolution suggestions:

Be Kind To Yourself

It is easy to blame yourself for your divorce, but even if your actions contributed to the split, typically there is plenty of blame to go around. No relationship is perfect, so your spouse most likely had a hand in it as well. Stop blaming yourself for the divorce and think about the positives that come from it. If you and your spouse have been unhappy for a while, a divorce will eventually feel like a relief. Now you can use the time you have to better all aspects of your life.

Improve Relationships

Now that your significant other is out of the picture, it may feel like your support system has crumbled. You need your friends and family now more than ever, so let them know how much you appreciate them for being there during one of the most difficult times of your life. Also, take this time to catch up with people you have not spent time with in a while. They would probably love to hear from you.

Be Better

Did your ex-spouse always call you stubborn or negative? That may have been said out of spite, but it is never a bad time to reflect on how you treat others and how you react to certain situations. Consider therapy if you are not getting results on your own. Having a non-biased person to talk to for an hour, perhaps once a week can be quite beneficial and may provide a breakthrough you did not know you needed.

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