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Could a “Nesting” Parenting Plan Be Your Best Choice After Divorce?

Posted on in Child Custody

Palatine divorce attorney parenting planEveryone knows that divorce is hard on all of those who are involved - especially the kids. Even if you try to keep them out of the fighting and the negotiations, you may not realize how much your children actually pick up on. They can sense when there is tension between their parents, but they often do not know what to do about it, and this can cause them a great deal of stress. One way that divorced parents may be able to help their children cope with the changes to their lives is by using a unique co-parenting arrangement called “nesting.”

What Is a Nesting Arrangement?

This type of co-parenting agreement occurs when a divorced couple keeps the family home, and the children reside there 100 percent of the time--it is the parents who come and go. A separate living space, such as an apartment, is rented so the parents have somewhere to go when the other parent is at the house with the children. Or, in some cases, each parent will have their own living space to go to. This type of arrangement puts the focus on making the children comfortable with the parents’ divorce and alleviating the stress that children feel when they are constantly hauled back and forth between residences.

Benefits of a Nesting Arrangement

There are many good things that a nesting arrangement can bring. Benefits include:

  • Stability - This benefit is probably the most obvious one. With your children staying in the home that they know, their routines do not have to change much. Schools stay the same, and they still get to spend time with each of their parents.
  • Financial Benefits - You may end up saving money by keeping the family home and renting only one other space for the off-duty parent to live in, rather than keeping up with expenses for two spaces where the whole family can live.
  • Communication - This type of arrangement can also help foster meaningful communication between you and your spouse. By putting the responsibility of caring for your children in both of your hands, you can work together to put your children’s best interests first.

Drawbacks of a Nesting Arrangement

While a nesting arrangement is a good option for those who can do it, it is not for everyone. Drawbacks of a nesting arrangement include:

  • Financial Issues - Adding in the cost of another living space at all can be detrimental to some families who have tight budgets. Deciding who is responsible for paying for repairs when the home needs it, paying taxes on the home, or even things as simple as buying food for the home can become tricky to navigate in these types of arrangements.
  • Trust and Cooperation - Because you and your spouse will be sharing living quarters and responsibility for your children, this type of arrangement requires that you trust your spouse and be willing to work together to raise your family, even though you are no longer a couple. If one or both spouses are not willing to be cooperative, this type of arrangement will not work.

Get Help From an Arlington Heights Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, but one way of alleviating stress on your children is by using a nesting arrangement. Though these types of arrangements can be beneficial to some families, they are not right for everyone. If you are unsure of which type of parenting plan would be best for you and your family, you should contact a Rolling Meadows divorce lawyer. The attorneys at Anderson & Associates, P.C. have extensive experience in divorce cases, and we can help you negotiate a workable parenting arrangement that protects your parental rights and provides for your children’s best interests. Call our office at 847-995-9999 to set up a free consultation.




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