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How to Move On After Your Divorce

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moving on after a divorce schaumburg divorce lawyerPeople get married intending to spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, not all relationships work out, even after having been committed to the partnership for a long time. A divorce is a stressful life event to go through, especially after years of commitment and having children together. After the legal process, it may take time to get over divorcing your spouse. 

Why Do People Get Divorced?

Each couple is different, and the specific reasons for divorce vary, but there are several common reasons a couple will decide to end their marriage. Infidelity is one of the most common reasons a marriage ends. An unfaithful spouse has traditionally been a standard legal grounds for divorce, as they are breaking their marital vows. Other reasons for divorce include different aspirations, financial difficulties, or the loss of love for each other. 

A divorce can be the most painful break up a person will face. An attorney will assist with creating a parenting plan for your children or dividing assets with your spouse, but how to continue after the divorce is up to you. It is essential to take care of not just your physical and financial well-being, but there are steps you can take to be emotionally healthy as well:

  • Grieve Properly: Ending a marriage is ending an important portion of your life. Whether you wanted the divorce or not, life will be different without your spouse. You are losing a romantic partner and someone who you formerly confided in and leaned on for emotional security. Your living situation may also be changing, and you may not be able to spend as much time with your children. Not to mention that getting a divorce is emotionally exhausting. Allow yourself to feel grief for the loss of your marriage. Holding in your feelings, or denying what happened, will prolong the process of returning to normal. 
  • Take Your Time: You may feel pressure from friends or family to seek out new romantic connections after your divorce. Maybe your ex-spouse has already moved on, so you are comparing yourself to their progress. Part of moving on after a divorce is finding a new normal. Take time to settle into a new routine. Think about what you are looking for in the next relationship before jumping in. The more time you take for yourself, the happier you will be moving forward. 

Contact A Rolling Meadows Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce is a stressful time in a person’s life. Contact an experienced Schaumburg divorce attorney at Anderson & Associates, P.C to begin moving on from your marriage. Call our office at 847-995-9999 to set up a free consultation today.





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