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How to Handle Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities in Divorce

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Enlisting children in extracurricular activities builds confidence and opens doors to different interests. Participating in music, sports, or clubs as a child can create lifelong skills and passions. 

A break in the family, such as a divorce, can make life feel uncertain for your children, and create conflicts between parents. Perhaps one parent thinks the violin lessons are going nowhere, or horseback riding lessons are too expensive, while the other disagrees.

Here are some divorce tips on how to approach these activities:

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities in Illinois

Parental responsibility (formerly referred to as custody) is separated into different categories in Illinois, including education, extracurricular, medical, and religious. During the divorce, it is up to the parents to create an agreement that addresses the decision-making for these areas. Parents may decide to split up the duties, or work together on each to reach a joint consensus. If parents are unable to agree on how to proceed, it can be decided by court order.

How to Create a Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a legally binding organization tool that determines when the child is with each parent (parenting time), and how they are involved in their life. It decides where the child goes to school, and other factors like how to handle parent-teacher conferences and extracurricular activities.

If there is a disagreement about how money will be spent on the child after a divorce, it is important to remember consistency will help them adjust. Consider what the child wants, and try to make a decision as parents. A judge can make the final call, but it is much easier for parents to do so. 

When considering new extracurricular activities, think about how it will affect parenting time. Maybe tennis on Thursdays interferes with the parenting time of one parent, or they cannot get to the practice or event in time. In this case, a modification to your parenting plan may be necessary. 

Continue to be a part of your child’s interests, no matter what feelings you harbor toward your ex-spouse. If you always attended soccer games, keep doing that, even if you will encounter your ex. This can be a neutral ground where you are civil for the sake of your child. 

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