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Divorce and Teenage Depression Warning Signs

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Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer

Your adolescent child may be closer to being an adult than an infant, but your son or daughter is at a transitional time in their life when it comes to emotions and self-esteem. Teenagers may appear adjusted to the idea of their parents getting a divorce, but they often take it harder than younger siblings. 

The World Health Organization classifies an adolescent as someone between the ages of 10 and 19. There are many things a child in that age frame can worry about, from acne to getting into the right college. The pressure to do well in school, maintain a social life, and participate in extracurricular activities can be overwhelming. On top of that, from puberty onward, there are physical and emotional changes that have a significant impact on a teenager’s life. 

Telling your children that you and their other parent are getting a divorce is an intimidating task. After that conversation, it is important to keep a close eye on your older child’s emotional and physical well-being. They might not tell you they are having a tough time with the situation, but these signs will.

Unusual Behavior

One indication your adolescent is struggling with divorce is when they do not act like themselves. This can be anything from grades dropping in school to losing interest in things they are passionate about. It is normal for teenagers to display angst, and even resent you, but getting a divorce can compound these problems. 

Mental Health Issues

Your older child is on their way to becoming an adult. With the onset of puberty, they change both emotionally and physically. The combination of these changes and divorce may bring mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. If you get any indication your child is suicidal, get professional help for them right away. 

Sleep Schedule Change

Getting a good night's rest is essential for exams, but also for a growing brain and body. If your child is not getting adequate sleep, or if they sleep too much, it may indicate a problem. If you sense this is happening, open yourself up to having a conversation in which they can express their difficulties. This may get an initial push back, but your son or daughter will talk when they are ready. 

Contact an Arlington Heights Divorce Attorney

It is natural to be concerned about the well-being of your child, but it is important not to let their feelings get in the way of what is best for your family. Contact an experienced Palatine divorce lawyer at Anderson and Associates, P.C. who can handle your divorce process so you can spend more time with your children. Call 847-995-9999 to set up a free consultation.



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