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Common Child Custody Questions

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Child custody, known as the allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois, is one of the more complicated aspects of a divorce. Despite your opinion and feelings about your ex-spouse, you both still have the common ground of loving your children together. No one wants to feel like their children are taken away, or that they are being purposely kept from them. With the right parenting plan, you can create a schedule that benefits everyone. 

In recent years, Illinois has implemented changes to family law procedures regarding divorce and children. Along with the change from child custody to the allocation of parental responsibilities, the terms “sole” and “joint” custody are no longer used. Visitation is also an outdated term, and parenting time is now used in its place. 

The very idea of splitting time with your children can feel like a daunting task. Here are some common questions parents have about child custody when going through a divorce.

What Is A Parenting Plan? 

When going through a divorce, a parenting plan decides how shared children will spend time with their parents. It also makes clear the responsibilities of each parent and expectations moving forward after the divorce. A parenting plan is a court order, so it is important to create one that is clear and realistic. Modifications can be made when needed, but it is important to make those changes official with the court. 

What if an Agreement Cannot Be Made? 

Tensions can be high when going through a divorce, and both parties may have valid concerns about the other’s intentions when it comes to creating a parenting plan. If a decision cannot be made through cooperation and negotiation with your attorneys, the court will make decisions based on what is in the best interests of the child. Before it comes to that, mediation is sometimes ordered by a judge. 

How Does Child Support Work? 

Illinois adopted what is called an income shares program when it comes to child support. The court will decide how much money is required to adequately care of the child, and that total is split fairly between the two parents. Fair does not constitute equal, but divided based on the income and other circumstances of the parents.

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