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3 Reasons to Get a Divorce

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With all the planning and effort it takes to get married, getting a divorce is an equally demanding reversal. However, instead of booking venues and picking flower arrangements, you are hiring attorneys and dividing assets. Some religions also frown upon divorce, which can add another layer of complexity. Still, there are many possible reasons someone may decide to divorce their spouse. 

In Illinois, a judge will grant a divorce if the couple has irreconcilable differences or has lived separately for six months. The divorce process starts by filing forms and serving them to your spouse. If you are conflicted on your reasons for wanting a divorce, here is a list of common factors that often cause individuals to make the critical decision.


Getting a divorce may feel like a betrayal of your promise to make it through the good times and bad, but a cheating partner largely nullifies that rationale. If your spouse cheats, there is something they are missing from your relationship and they would rather seek it elsewhere. Some couples can work through an affair, but it is often a deal-breaker for many. If you have suffered through repeated affairs, it is time to consider why you would want to put up with that any longer. 


Leaving an abusive partner can be challenging enough when you are not married. Warning signs of an emotional or abusive partner can appear before getting married but may take time to develop into a life-threatening situation. If you are married, you may have children with your spouse, and abuse toward you can take an emotional toll on them. Getting a divorce may be the best way to keep you and your children safe, and a skilled divorce lawyer can help you get an order of protection.


Your emotional well-being and what you get out of your current situation are also valid reasons for getting a divorce. It could be the fact that you and your spouse are no longer in love or have grown too far apart. In this case, getting a divorce may be best for what is left of your relationship. Admitting that you are both unhappy can save years of arguments and bitterness. Staying “together for the kids” is often more harmful than beneficial. 

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