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Schaumburg Grandparents' Rights & Visitation Attorneys

Schaumburg Grandparents' Rights Attorney

Illinois Grandparents' Rights Lawyers For Custody and Visitation in Mt. Prospect, Palatine and Barrington

There are a number of circumstances under Illinois family law in which grandparents have a right to visitation with their grandchildren. In some cases, grandparents can even be awarded custody.

In Illinois, a grandparent's right to visit a grandchild exists only through their relationship with their son or daughter, the parent of their grandchild. The parent of the child controls what, if any, time the grandparents may spend with the child.

It is assumed that the parent will protect the relationship between the grandchild and the grandparent. If the parent cannot protect that relationship because the parent is disabled, deceased, incarcerated or legally unavailable, the grandparents can seek reasonable visitation from the other parent. They can seek the amount of visitation they would have had if the parent (their son or daughter) had been available to protect the grandparent-grandchild relationship.

At Anderson and Associates, P.C., we have represented grandparents seeking visitation as well as parents seeking to prevent or limit such visitation when it was not in the best interest of the child. For more than 30 years, our child custody lawyers been providing sensitive and effective legal counsel to families in the greater Chicago area.

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Grandparent Custody of a Grandchild

In general, grandparents do not have a right to custody of a grandchild. However, in situations where a grandparent has a history of being the primary caregiver for an extended period of time, Illinois family court judges have allowed the child to continue to reside with the grandparent(s) rather than be transferred to the parent(s).

Grandparent Interference

Extended family often presents complications in a divorce or post-divorce situation. In our practice, we have encountered numerous situations of conflict between one parent and that parent's own parents or the former in-laws. One of the most typical problems is abusing the visitation time with grandparents to prevent visitation time with the non-custodial parent.

At Anderson and Associates, P.C., we have extensive experience in recognizing and evaluating these situations. We employ a combination of negotiation and litigation to obtain a stable, effective arrangement that protects the rights of parents and grandparents and the best interest of the child.

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